Bachelor of Government Affairs and Administration

Welcome to the Department of Government Affairs and Administration (GAA) Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta. The Department was awarded accreditation since 1999 until today. There are four core aspects of the Curriculum Department of Government Affairs and Administration in UMY, they are Islamic Values, Governance, Globalization and Sustainability, which also became a differentiator and advantage Department of Government Affairs and Administration UMY compared with other Government Sciences Department. In the implementation of curricula, courses in UMY GAA is supported by the majority of lecturers whom currently pursuing PhD and Doctoral candidates, both from within the country and abroad.

In addition to the curriculum, a form of eminence of Department of Government Science in UMY is the International Program of Government Affairs and Administration (IGOV) since 2010, and Master of Government Affairs and Administration (MGAA). IGOV program is not only use English in lectures and student thesis, but also deepened with governance issues at the global level, as well as student exchange program to several universities worldwide.

Aside from that, Department of Government Affairs and Administration UMY (GAA UMY) is the initiator of the Asia Pacific Society for Public Affairs (APSPA), which organizes international seminars and conferences in various countries in Asia Pacific. At the national level, the GAA UMY has become the pioneer of Association of  Government Science Lecturer of Indonesia (ADIPSI) and the Association of Government Science Program Indonesia (APSIPI). In the Muhammadiyah movement, GAA UMY also become the first one to establish the Departments of Public Administration among the Muhammadiyah Universities in Indonesia and created  the AIPPTM (Association of Muhammadiyah College of Government Science).


Being an Excellent Government Affairs and Administration Program which based on Islamic Values for the benefit of the people at national and international level by 2021.


  1. Global-oriented education based on Islamic values
  2. Conducting research in the fields of government, focused on governance, leadership, conflict management and environmental governance
  3. Carrying out community service relevant to the concerns and needs of the community through contemporary approach to the government sciences based on Islamic values
  4. Developing students to become noble leaders, insightful and highly capable in Government Affairs and Administration


No Courses Credits
1 Introduction to Politics and Governmental Studies 3
2 Introduction to Political Science 3
3 Introduction to Public Economics 3
4 Sociology of Government 3
5 Government Legal System 3
6 National Ideology: Pancasila 2
7 Muhammadiyah Movement 2
8 Religion I: Akidah 2
9 English I: Reading 1
10 Quran Reading and Writing 0
11 Soft Skill I: Team Building 0
Total of Credits 22
No Courses Credits
1 Governmental Ethics 3
2 Scientific Writing 2
3 Civic Education 3
4 Political Parties Studies 3
5 Government Bureaucracy 3
6 Democracy 3
7 Governmental Science Methodology 3
8 Religion II: Muamalah 2
9 English II: Listening 1
10 Soft Skill II: Spiritual Leadership 0
Total of Credits 23
No Courses Credits
1 Constitutions and Govenmental Institution Studies 4
2 Election (Practice) 4
3 Sustainable Development Planning (Practice) 4
4 Goverment Financial Management (Practice) 4
5 Local Government Management (Practice) 4
6 English III: Writing 1
7 Religion III: Akhlak 2
8 Soft Skill: MICE (Meeting, Incentive, Conferencing and Exhibitions) 0
Total of Credits 23
No Courses Credits
1 Civil Society 3
2 Social Research Methods (Practice) 3
3 Government Policy (Practice) 4
4 Legislative Process (Practice) 4
5 Leadership 3
6 Disaster Management (Practice) 3
7 Political Economy of Government 3
8 English IV: TOEFL Preparation 1
9 Soft Skill IV: Event Organizer 0
Total of Credits 24
No Courses Credits
1 Urban Development Management (Practice) 4
2 Rural Development Management (Practice) 4
3 Government Information Management (Practice) 4
4 Quantitative Research 3
5 Qualitative Research 3
6 Entrepreneurship (Practice)* 3
7 Corporate Governance* 3
8 Government Communication (Practice)* 3
9 English V 1
10 Soft Skill: Public Speaking 0
Total of Credits 22
No Courses Credits
1 Government Sector Services (Practice) 3
2 Governmental Ecology 3
3 Monitoring of Public Org. Performance (Practice) 4
4 Human Resources Perform Evaluation (Practice) 4
5 Management of Public Org. Procurement (Practice) 3
6 Comparative Government 3
7 Capita Selecta Government* 3
8 Conflict Resolution* 3
9 English VI 1
10 Soft Skill: Thesis Proposal 0
Total of Credits 21
No Courses Credits
1 Social Work and Service (KKN) 3
2 Thesis 6
Total of Credits 9
No Courses Credits
1 Thesis 6
Total of Credits 6


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