On Thursday, May 31, 2018, Master of Government Affairs and Administration (MGAA) held the Democracy and Elections Class at Guwosari Village Office Hall, MGAA in cooperation with Election Commission of Bantul Regency, and the Institute of Research and Empowerment (IRE) Jogja organize community service with this activities in Pioneer for Village Democracy in Guwosari Village, Bantul Regency. In the event that followed by more or less 30 participants are acting as speakers who are lecturers of MGAA, David Efendi S.IP, MA and Lecturer of Governmental Studies M. Eko Atmojo, S.IP, M.IP. In his presentation David Efendi, MA emphasizes the need for consistent political education, rules and enforcement of regulations, credible and integrity electoral organizers, and sanction or punishment and deterrent to offenders. While Eko Atmojo, MIP exposed the dangers of money politics, the impact of money politics practices in the election, and law enforcement against these violations of money politics. Through this activity, it is expected that the public will be more aware and aware of the importance of conducting clean, honest, fair and integrity of democracy and elections. for more information please refer to MIP UMY