Pekanbaru Riau – 8/10/2017. JKSG and IGOV UMY held discussions on the Bureaucratic Inertia in Karhula, Palm Oil and Local Elite Roles that were held at RR Cafe.

Rijal Ramdani, one of the researchers from JKSG who is also the Director of IGOV said that the discussion was a result of research in 2016. Rijal explained that the issue of karhutla and palm is a sensitive issue. On the one hand, the contribution of palm oil to the national economy is significant, both its contribution to the state budget, the largest contributor to the value of exports, the million people directly related to the sector, etc. However, on the other hand, it is associated with environmental issues, especially deforestation and karhutla. Rijal So there should be an intersection of how to synergize these two rights so that it can be sustainable, sustainable forests and the community remain prosperous.
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