Friday, August 25, 2017 UMY Held appointment of Headmaster Prof. Dr. Achmad Nurmandi M.Sc. He also as a Vice Rector of UMY in Cooperation and International Affairs said that JKSG UMY’s contribution is aimed to encourage vigorous and efficient leadership towards democratic government. Besides, JKSG UMY is consistent to educate poetry, bureaucrats and civil society through learning, knowledge, skills, and attitudes in the government capacity. Going to overseeing governance, reforming the bureaucracy, enhancing the ability of political parties, giving inputs to the electoral system, and guarding the eradication of corruption, has become part of Dharma Faculty of Social and Political Sciences UMY, particularly Gait Studies Program of Government with IGOV (International Class of Government Affairs and Administration) and Master of Government Affairs and Administration (UMY). Under the Jusuf Kalla School of Government (JKSG), the three units overgrew, both nationally and internationally.

He said that Issues related to governance is common to all nations but understanding the challenges of our own government makes a difference – as rational decisions are only made with an absolute grasp of issues through empirical findings. With the vast library of researches, it can be found that all governance problems are dynamic and complex. The complexity of these governance dilemma ranges from its implementation, structure and process to its output evaluation which seemingly impossible to synchronized.  Thus, there could be many ways of looking at every problem and finding as well as implementing the best possible solution is easier said than done.