Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia Jusuf Kalla was present an opening of Muktamar XVII Pemuda Muhammadiyah (Muhammadiyah Youth Congress XVII) at Sportorium of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) on Monday (6/11). Participating by 7,000 people, he stated that Muhammadiyah youths have been contributing to develop Indonesia.

“Muhammadiyah youths are Indonesian millennials who always seek to take actions for the development of this nation,” declared Jusuf Kalla on his remark.

According to Jusuf Kalla, dakwah (Islamic preaching) should be disseminated favorably as an Islamic characteristic in Indonesia. A theme of ‘Menggembirakan Dakwah Islam, Memajukan Indonesia’ (Enlivening Islamic Dakwah, Advancing Indonesia) was in accordance with one of the goals of Indonesia, to enhance faith and Islam while fostering this nation in harmony.

Additionally, Jusuf Kalla advised the Muhammadiyah youths to escalate their knowledge, learn, and read books because what can develop this nation is not only enthusiasm to join organizations but also technology and sciences. (Aulia)