January 27, 2018. Philippine Studies Program Faculty of Social and Political Sciences Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta in order to improve knowledge about good governance, on Monday, January 22, 2018 conducted a comparative study to the Government of Quezon City, Philippines. Studing the appeal was followed by 2 lecturers of Governmental affairs and administration namely Sakir, S.IP., M.IP and M.Eko Atmojo, S.IP., M.IP and 7 students of International Class Administration. The reason for choosing Quezon City Government as the objective of study was because Quezon City Government has many awards
During the comparative study at the Quezon City Government, they visited several places. First, visit the Barangay and Community Relations Department (BCRD). On this occasion, we discussed several issues in Quezon City. These problems include Congestion (Traffic Jam). Solutions from the Quezon City Government by maximizing the improvement of public transport services. Second, visit Quezon City Tourism Department. We were greeted directly by Ms. Devina Gracia P. Pascua as department head. Ms. Devina explained that Quezon City is one of the most progressive cities, and is the largest and largest city in the Philippines. Quezon City is the center of economic, social, educational and medical activities. Quezon City is also one of the most competitive in Asia and makes it an ideal model for urban development. In terms of tourism, the city offers a complete Quezon City Experience to visit
Third, visit Quezon City Public Library. Public libraries are a catalyst in planning community development and in community sustainable education. It serves as an impartial non-partisan and non-sectarian information agency. Public libraries have several services: reader, multimedia and internet services, technical services, records and administrative services, and Library Extension