Master of Government Affairs and Administration

Magister of Government Affairs and Administration  of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta welcomes all new students to our program. This program has been established since 2011. Today, Magister of Government Affairs and Administration of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta has been accredited “A” by SK BAN PT No : 3336/SK/BAN-PT/AKRED/M/XII/2016. MGAA has attracted students, lecturers and researchers from national level as well as international level.

Our program continuously strives for producing distinctive graduates by providing students with high-quality and enjoyable learning experiences. Our program encourages students to look for international experiences by joining international student exchange and or international conference.

Finally, the 21st century is filled with opportunities for those who are well prepared. we encourage our students to work closely with our faculties who are ready to share their knowledge and expertise in their respective fields. Our faculties are also eager to assist and motivate students to aim for high level of achievement and success. For students candidates who wants to MGAA, we are looking forward to working with you.

Our Vision

“Being a Master Program for excellence in the development of Government which is based on Islamic values for the benefit of the people in Indonesia 2021”.


  1. Organizing Governmental Studies education at the master level superior and innovative.
  2. Conducting research and study of the Governmental Studies which combines with the values of Islam.
  3. Conducting a community service that is relevant to the issue and needs to the community with an approach that is based on Government Studies Islamic values.



First Semester

Courses Credit
Public Polcy and Governance 3
Theory of Governmental Politics 3
Public Sector Management 3
Public Financial Management 3
Government Research Methods 3
ICT Politics and Governance 3
Total Credits 18

Second Semester

Courses Credit
Legislation Politics 3
Regional Autonomy 3
Government Ethics 3
Public Service Management 3
Selected Course I 3
Selected Course II 3
Total Credits 18

Third Semester

Courses Credit
Thesis 9
Total Credits 9

Selected Courses

Courses Credit
Hman Resources Management 3
Government Buraucracy Reform 3
Accountability of Public Sector 3
Leadership and Networking 3
Democracy and Civil Society 3
Electoral System and Political Parties 3
Political Communication 3
Disaster Mitigation and Preparedness 3
Conflict Resolution and Peace 3



Master of Government Affairs and Administration, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (Prodi MIP-UMY) provides a range of facilities to support the students and lecturers in  teaching and learning. Some of them are:

1. Multimedia Classroom

Multimedia classroom is a classroom equipped with LCD projectors and Air Conditioning (AC) and limited seats in order to facilitate the convenience and flexibility in teaching and learning in the classroom.

2. Free Internet Access

Free Internet Access can be accessed from almost every corner of the campus.

In addition there are other supporting facilities provided by the University;

  1. American Corner (Supported by U.S. Embassy and Consulate)
  2. Warung Prancis (Supported by Institute Francais Indonesia)
  3. Sinology Center
  4. E-Library
  5. Student Dormitory
  6. Sportorium
  7. Career Development Center (CDC)
  8. Scholarships
  9. Access Journals Online
  10. English Course
  11. Health Clinic
  12. E-Learning

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