The research week took place at the international convention center in PB (Bogor Institute of Agriculture) on activity December, 13-15, 2016. this event was attended by all researchers dunded by the Board of National Fund of Oil Palm Plantation (BPDP), for both of researchers and students. UMY sent a team of researchers to participate in this event. The team of UMY presented the results of their research entitle ” Governance and the inertia of bureaucracy, in dealing with Oil and Forest Fire, palm Management, an the Role of Local Elites” (Tata Kelola dan Kelmbaman Birokrasi dalam Menangani Kebakaran, Hutan Pengelolaan Sawit serta Peranan Elit Lokal). The Director of Board of National fund of Palm Oil Plantation 9BPDP), Krisnamurthi said that by 2016, BPDP had provided a budget of around USD 57 billion for research on palm oil. in 2017, BPDP has prepared around Rp. 60 billion to be granted for researchers.