Field lectures have become a common method used to combine the science gained by students. The field lecture basically provides an opportunity for students to synchronize between theories that have been obtained during lectures with practices that occur in government processes. Thus, students can take reflection on what they have seen in the field directly. On Friday November 03, 2017 as many as 90 students of Governmental Science batch 2015, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta, conducted a field course held in Panggungharjo Village, Sewon, Bantul Regency.This field visit is in the course of lecturing field courses of Village Governance. Located at the Meeting Hall of the Panggungharjo Village Office, besides Erni Zuhriati, S.IP., M.Si as Lecturer of Village Governance study, attended the Head of Panggungharjo Village, Wahyudi Anggoro Hadi and Helmi as the head of Pendowoharjo village and also the other villages staff office.Innovations undertaken by Panggungharjo Village to improve the welfare of the community, among others; First, the educational aspect of the efforts made by the government and the villagers is the one-house one-undergraduate program to alleviate poverty. Second, the health aspect of the freeing of Panggungharjo cialis prix Village from the health problem is the result of the maternity service program. Third, the security and public order with the establishment of mediation and village advocacy institutions to overcome the legal problems faced by the village community, so that the problem does not reach the realm of the court.