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I. Education

A. Undergraduate Program

The Undergraduate Program would be based on international curriculum and then will look at the local contexts in order to develop intellectual capacity, core competency, skills and professionalism for its graduates. Particularly, the program will focus on conflict management and leadership management skills. Finally, it would provide special qualities for its graduates in facing job opportunity competition that is very hard lately and in the future.

B. Master Program

The master Program provides future public leaders with the theoretical framework and practical skills necessary to succeed in public services. The Master core requirements are built upon strong foundations in three methodological areas: analysis, management, and leadership. These requirements are designed to help students solve complicated and unfamiliar challenges — by asking the right questions, determining the nature and dimensions of the problem at hand, exploring the range of possible solutions, and assessing the capacity of public institutions to implement one or more of these solutions.

C. Doctoral Program

The PhD Program is designed for students interested in either academic or policy-making careers that require an advanced knowledge of both economics and political science. The students are encouraged to combine the full disciplinary depth of a doctoral degree in political science or sociology with multidisciplinary study of issues of Social Policy in Indonesia or the other countries.

D. Executive Program

    • Senior Executive Fellows
    • Crisis Leadership in Higher Education
    • Driving Government Performance: Leadership Strategies that Produce Results
    • Leadership in Crises: Preparation and Performance
    • Mastering Negotiation: Building Agreements Across Boundaries
    • The Cutting Edge of Development Thinking
    • Strategic Management for Leaders of Non-Governmental Organizations
    • Art and Practice of Leadership Development: A Master Class for Professional Trainers, Educators, and Consultants
    • Women and Power: Leadership in a New World
    • Performance Measurement for Effective Management of Nonprofit Organizations
    • Public Leaders in Southeast Europe
    • Leaders in Development: Managing Change in a Dynamic World
    • Senior Executives in State and Local Government
    • Leadership for the 21st Century: Global Change Agents
    • Infrastructure in a Market Economy: Public – Private Partnerships in a Changing World
    • Senior Executives in State and Local Government
    • Senior Managers in Government

II. Research, Exchange, Fellowship and Publication Program.

A. Research

The research will be focused on leadership , conflict resolution, governance areas whose it relate with Jusuf Kalla’s Experiences.

B. Exchange and Fellowship Programs

In cooperation with the Korea University, University Sains Malaysia, Thammasat University Thailand and anymore, the Dept of Government offers its students to take courses for several months or a semester in those universities. Moreover, the students can transfer the course credits from their origin university for similar course subjects of the partner universities. Hence the students can cut their study period and fees.

Also, the students can meet foreign lecturers from notable university by sitting in the visiting professor class. Currently, IGOV UMY has invited visiting professors from National University of Singapore, Flinders University Australia, Doshisa University of Japan, Korea University, University Sains Malaysia and any strategic partners.

The Institution also will invite foreign Scientists and researchers in collaboration  with UMY for conducting a join research and then Publishing in the International Journal or Books.

C. Conference

The institution will conduct an international Conference annually. The conference will be cooperated with the Korea University, University Sains Malaysia, Thammasat University Thailand and anymore partners from abroad.

D. Publications

JK’s School of Government encourage for publishing several media such as:

Active Website Journal
Press Release Book
Newsletter Video and Multi media

III. Facilities and Supporting Units

    1. The Laboratory of Governmental Study Program with 20 computers, internet,  and several supported programs for learning process.
    2. The reference room with thousands collection of books and journal from popular and the newest edition of Indonesian and foreign publications.
    3. University Library with  book and journal collection in hard copy and electronic.
    4. The American Corner
    5. The Iranian Corner
    6. The Language Training Center
    7. University Residence for one year free, fully equipped by AC, hotspot area and laundry service.
    8. Technological information facilities to develop educational process: e-learning and hot-spot area.
    9. Seminar rooms are equipped by presentation and multimedia facilities.
    10. English room