Fahmi Idris Scholarship

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  1. Background
Fahmi Idris Scholarship is organized and offered as a sign of appreciation for  Fahmi Idris, for the  monumental achievements he was able to make during his position as former Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration and followed as his position as former Ministry of Trade and Industry of Government of Indonesia. Mr. Fahmi Idris instituted major changes in Indonesia, which helped to stimulate  significant improvements in the country conditions. The Scholarship is sponsored by  Mr. Fahmi Idris.
Fami Idris Scholarship will focus on developments in education on public management, promoting   lessons learned for public officials in enhancing the capacity of public managers, efforts to combat corruption and dissemination of information in order to enhance the quality of human resources in the public sector.
JKSG UMY’s  vision is to become a leading  institution in research on governance/government studies in Asian region and the World by 2025 and  2035, respectively. As one of the measures tailored to achieve that vision,  Fahmi Idris Scholarship has been launched, and will be tendered in  a Schoolarship program.
  1. Name of the  Program

Fahmi Idris Scholarship.

  1. Objective of the  Program
  1. Provide support for enhancing the academic capacity of students
  2. Enhance developments in research and training in public management
  3. Promote partnership between Scholarship and JKSG UMY
  4. Promote social and economic benefits of Scholarship  supporters
  1. Output Scholarship
  1. Enhanced academic capacity of  students
  2. Higher Researchquality
  3. Foster the support of  Scholarship beneficiaries for JKSG UMY activities  in terms of human resources and ideas
  4. Promote better cooperation and collaboration between  JKSG and institutions/individuals that make contribution to Fahmi Idris Scholarship- JKSG UMY.
  1. Duration of the  Scholarship

The Schoolarship duration is one semester  /(six month period).

  1. Eligibility and Requirements for  Scholarship particpants
  1. Scholarship Program
  • Good Morality
  • Awarded to Students of the Master of Government studies, UMY who have acquired a minimum Grade point average of 3.5 and TOEFL score of 450.
  • Recipients are not beneficiaries of  Scholarships or education support from other sources
  • Fulfill the commitment of  spending  at least 24 hours a week as a student fellow at JKSG UMY.

It is our hope the information herein is enough for those who aspire to take this challenging opportunity to become Fahmi Idris Scholarship at JKSG UMY. However, in the event there is need for any additional information relating to the Scholarship program, please kindly address questions or comments to  the Head/Director JKSG UMY.