Friday, Sept 23, 2016, JKSG in collaboration with IGOV and Department of Governmental Studies organize a seminar on Smart City. The theme was “SMART CITY, Can be the Best Practice Implemented in Indonesia?”. As the speakers were Prof.P.B Anand (Bradford University, United Kingdom), Pratiwi Ngasaratun M.SC (Local Development Board, Kulon Progo Regency) and Erni Zuhriyati MA (Lecturer of Dept. of Governmental Studies, UMY). The digital revolution has pushed countries to speed up their efforts to modernize the system of public sector. Smart city is an innovative concept that requires the city to use Information and Communication Technology to improve the quality of life, efficiency of implementation of public service as well to support the needs of the citizens in terms of economic, social and environmental. Smart city concept has been implemented in Indonesia and it is expected to improve public services provided by the government. These improvements among others are social benefits to the community, accelerating bureaucratic reform, and improving public security. The seminar was attended by students from both undergradute and postgraduate programs, some lecturers were also present. (AULIA)