Desember 23, 2017

Saturday, December 23, 2017, The graduates of government affairs and administration is needed in building good governance wheel. In order to prepare the availability of skilled human resources need to have Public Speaking competence and negotiate which will be the basis in interacting with the community in establishing welfare-oriented services. The Laboratory of Studies Program of Government of Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta held a Public Speaking training. Because, the ability of good Public Speaking is not formed instantly. This training is a consistent softskill development organized by government affairs and administration UMY in providing debriefing for students of semester 5 (Lima).
The training that took place at AR Fachruddin B Building 5th floor followed by 256 Students of Government Science 2015. Also present Chairman of Governmental Studies Program UMY. Muchammad Zaenuri, M.Si, head of the Lab Coordinator. Science Administration IP Sakir, S.I.P., M.I.P and Bachtiar Dwi Kurniawan, S.Fil.i., MPA as the Chairman of Public Speaking Training Event. Bachtiar S.Fil.i., MPA.
The training was officially opened by the Head of Study Program of Governmental affairs and administration, in his speech. Muchammad Zaenuri provides insight and purpose for this training. With a bachelor’s degree of government is expected to master the knowledge supported by hardskill skills obtained from the lecture bench and the practice and softskill that can be found in the trainings and workshops.
Shown as a speaker in this training Rosa Kusuma Dewi Azhar, S. Pd in general describes the techniques of Public Speaking, selection of words, facial expressions, body gestures and voice vocal. Starting from the introduction of the importance of Public Speaking, processing more precise sentences varied and direct practice. Learning Public Speaking needs to pay attention to Start With Your Self confident that Public Speaking skills are important for us. Building confidence if we are able and able to speak in public, imagine if we graduate college will register the job and then enter the Interview phase, then the ability of Public Speaking can give our first impression. Interact with diverse people, unequal traits and different perceptions.
Learning to speak in public if you do not try to stand straight on stage will not be able to. Start by trying to volunteer to be an emcee or presentation, through a lecture forum. If a graduate of Government  affairs and administration who has a close prospect of being a member of the council is unable to speak in public, how society will understand. How board members are able to absorb people’s aspirations. Rosa Kusuma asserted do not ignore ethics of speech, “Show good attitude, it would be useless if have high knowledge but ethics and manners speaks badly. Speaking with all my heart, it would be nice and comfortable to use the heart “, explains Rosa