Univeristas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) still gain its International reputation among the partners across the world. One of the partners is Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM). On August 3rd, 2018 at ruang Simulasi Sidang Ilmu Hubungan Internasional UMY, Gd. E, 1st floor, the delegates of UUM visited UMY. The delegates are consisting of 13 students and led by Madam Mazita Binti Mohamed, as an Advisor. On the occasion, the delegates are welcomed by Mr. Yordan Gunawan as a Director of Office of International Affairs UMY, the staffs, and representation of UMY International Program’s Students. The agenda starts with the speech from the delegation of both University and continued with the introduction on either institution and discussion.

Mazita said in Her speech she brought the delegates to introduce the Bachelor of Philosophy, Law, and Business (BPLP) to their valuable partners across the region. She stated that “We came here to introducing BPLP as it is a new institution in our campus, which the establishment is inspired from Oxford University, and we have been introduced it to the three of our partners before UMY in Brunei, Vietnam, and Laos last year.”

As Mr. Yordan Gunawan welcomes the delegates, in his speech he said “UMY are warmly welcomed your visit to our campus. UMY and UUM have been cooperating for a long period of time with high intensity of activities within the partnership, including student exchange, staff exchange, research collaboration, etc.” (Aulia)