Master Degree Admissions

The First Semester will be started on September and finished on February, and the Second Semester will be started on March and finished on August. For Applicants who wish to apply for the First Semester please register before June, and those who wish to apply for the Second Semester please register before January.

An applicant must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Minimum CGPA of 2.75 of 4.00 or equivalent
  2. Minimum score of 500 on Tes Potensi Akademik (TPA) or Academic Potential Test
  3. Minimum TOEFL of 450 (can be fulfilled before comprehensive test)
  4. Passed the Entry Test (TPA and English) by Postgraduate Directorate of UMY

Documents Required after passing the entry test:

  1. A Print out of Registration Form signed by applicant and attached with five (5) Profile Pictures size 4×6
  2. A Receipt of Registration Payment from the Bank
  3. An Entry Test Card
  4. A legalized copy of previous Degree Certificate
  5. A legalized copy of pervious academic transcript
  6. An essay of Applicant’s Motivation in joining the Master Program and expectation after graduation.
  7. A sealed Postgraduate Applicant statement Letter with Rp. 6.000,- Stamp
  8. A guarantee letter of payment from institution or self-funding statement
  9. A health certificate from clinic or hospital
  10. A curriculum vitae or resume
  11. A permission letter to enroll in the university from the head of institution (for an employee of private or state institution)
  12. A recommendation letter from College, state or private institution

Degree Term

The master degree term is a minimum two (2) years and maximum of four (4) years.