Department of Government Affairs and Administration held Public Lecture with topic “Election Update: Challenges and Strategic Issues of Election Executors of the Year 2019” which took place in the seminar room of building building E.6 Ibrahim 5th floor of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta. The event was attended by several invited guests, including university officials, Commissioner of the General Elections Commission, Commissioner of Special Election Commission of Yogyakarta, Bawaslu DIY, Panwaslu DIY, as well as undergraduate and graduate students of UGM and UMY. Pramono Ubaid Tanthowi M.A as the speaker was accompanied by Bambang Eka W ,. S.IP., M.Si as moderator. Public Lecture is expected to provide insight into the science of electoral conditions in Indonesia associated with the latest electoral rules, understand the consequences of central to regional governance elections. Speaker at public lecture this time is Commissioner KPU RI. 

In general there are some things that are presented by Pramono Ubaid Tanthowi, M.A related to the legal aspects of Law Number 7/2017, the timing challenge (preparation) of KPU and the technical and political implications of the 2019 election. Firstly, from the legal aspect, basically the Law Number 7/2017 provides the legal basis for the implementation of the simultaneous General Election (between the General Election of DPR, DPD and DPRD, with the Presidential and Vice Presidential Election) and the Law fulfills the Constitutional Court Decision No. 7/2017. 14 / PUU-IX / 2013 governing the 2019 General Election. Thus the Act is a codification of the Law on the General Election of DPR, DPD, and DPRD; The Presidential and Vice Presidential Election Law; as well as the Election Organizing Law.

Second, Law No. 7/2017 has an impact on the timing challenge for the KPU to undertake preparations. “Law 7/2017 was ratified in the Plenary Session of the House of Representatives on July 21, 2017, and enacted by Kemenkumham on August 16, 2017, while the KPU has determined the election H day on April 17, 2019. According to Article 173 paragraph 3, each new and old political party must follow a series of registration and administrative research. Even though many political parties and parties do not agree, but this is done to maintain the principle of KPU that there is equality between political parties.