MIP/MGAA UMY Collaboration with JKKSG held the discussion on Simultaneous Election in the form of Angkringan Pilkada on Wednesday, 22 February 2017. The event took place at the JKSG Room of Graduate School of UMY. Arround 50 participants join this discussion. Among them are MIP/MGAA students, alumni of MIP, poltics practitioners and activist.
The speakers consist of Dr Zuli Qodir (sociologist), Tunjung Sulaksono, MSi. (Political expert) and Farid Siswantor, SIP., ( KPU DIY commissioner). This discussion found that there was an increasing voters participation. However, there was also still an increasing invalid ballots during the election. From this two phenomenons, the elections come in a line with the swing of

Source: http://mip.umy.ac.id/reading-through-the-local-simultaneous-election-2017-and-voters-rationality/