Bantul, 3-March-2021

After some time ago sending UMY MIP student representatives to the International Conference on Advances in Digital Science (ICADS). UMY’s Master of Governmental Science Study Program again succeeded in sending its best students to the International Congress of Information and Communication Technology simultaneously as the ICT Excellence Awards (ICICT 2021).

The conference this time discussed the development of Information and Communication Technology in conjunction with the ICT Excellence Awards (ICICT 2021), held in London, England, on February 25-26, 2021. At the conference, UMY MIP students had the opportunity to present their scientific article research results, which discusses related to cutting-edge topics and contemporary topics related to (ICT and supported Agricultural and Rural Development Technology, Educational Technology and Electronic Computerization, Electronic Mining and Inclusive Technology for implementation for Technical and Managerial Applications through ICT.)

There are six UMY MIP students were allowed to present their research results at the International Congress on Information and Communication Technology concurrent with the ICT Excellence Awards (ICICT 2021).

The following is a list of student names and scientific research titles, which were presented at the “International Congress on Information and Communication Technology”:



Danang Eko Prasetyo

Analysis Of Website Quality And City Government’s Twitter Accounts In East Jawa Province, Indonesia

Riko Kurniawan

Analysis of Quality Website Content and Twitter Content Quality As Public Service Tools At the Local Level in DKI Jakarta, Indonesia

Faez Syahroni

How Does Local Government Use The Website And Twitter As Public Service Tools?

Muhammad Syaifuddin

The Behavior Patterns Of The Yogyakarta Special Region Government Official In Reacting To E-Government Transformation

Nita Tri Oktaviani

Study Of Official Government Website And Twitter Content Quality In Four Local Governments Of Indonesia

Nurul Kharismawati Kamaludin How Does The Local Government Provide Official Website And Twitter Quality?  Case Study Of Three Local Governments Of Indonesia

Denny Ardiansyah Pribadi

Behavior Patterns Of Bantul Regency Government Employees In Adoption E-Government Transformation

This conference has become an essential role in improving students’ quality in interacting and exchanging ideas, experiences and expertise related to the latest trends and strategies for Information and Communication Technology at the international level. The learning that students get as participants is related to getting broader knowledge related to current technological developments and those currently developing in the field of ICT in this era.