Bantul, 3-March-2021

Students of Master of Governmental Sciences, University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY), again contributed at the international level, through the International Conference on Advances in Digital Science (ICADS) indexed by Scopus, organized by the Institute of Certified Specialists (ICS) and supported by Springer. The International Conference on Advances in Digital Science (ICADS) is an international forum for researchers and practitioners to present and discuss current innovations, trends, results, experiences, and concerns in several Digital Science advances.

The conference was held on 19-20 February 2021, in which ten UMY MIP students made presentations on the results of scientific research. The focus of the discussion on student research is divided into three discussion topics, including “Advances in Digital Social Media, Advances in Public Administration and Advances in Public Health Care, Hospitals & Rehabilitation”. Besides, students’ research is based on the conditions of the social problem phenomena currently taking place on a national/international scale.

The following is a list of student names and scientific research titles, which were presented at the International Conference on Advances in Digital Science (ICADS):


Article Title

Arissy Jorgi Sutan

Using Social Media as Tools of Social Movement and Social Protest in Omnibus Law of Job Creation Bill Policy-Making Process in Indonesia

Dicky Izmi Syahputra

The Impact of Using Social Media Twitter to Promote Tourism in Indonesia

Danang Kurniawan

Analysis of Anti-Corruption Movement through Twitter Social Media: A Case Study of Indonesia

Dimas Subekti

Analysis of Twitter’s Election Official as Tools for Communication and Interaction with Indonesian Public during the 2019 Presidential Election in Indonesia

Syamsul Bahri Abd. Rasyid

Public Communication of Local Government Leaders: A Case Study of three Major Governors in Indonesia

Herpita Wahyuni

The Influence of Social Media on the Omnibus Law-Making Process in Indonesia


How Does Social Media Effect to Reject Money Politics Campaign in the 2020 Regional Head General Election Social Media? A Case Study of Indonesia

Mochammad Iqbal Fadhlurrohman, Lubna Salsabila, Aqil Teguh Fathani, Sujud, Yeni Widiowaty

Analysis Of Sustainable Health  Development Goals In Improving Public Health

Bhimo Widyo Andoko, Deni Setiawan, Lubna Salsabila, Kalsum Fais

Public policies in creating sustainable and integrated Transportation in Jakarta

Aqil Teguh Fathani, Deni Setiawan, Mochammad Iqbal Fadhlurrohman, Dwi Heru Nugroho

Pentahelix Model to Sustain Indonesia’s Tourism Sustainability

The large number of UMY MIP students who contribute to the international level is an achievement for the UMY Master of Government Science Study Program. Besides, this achievement is one of the commitments of the Master of Governmental Sciences UMY in producing distinctive graduates by providing high-quality and enjoyable learning experiences for students, by encouraging students to seek international experiences through international student exchanges or international conferences.