Muhammadiyah has reached the age of 107 years; its commitment in building the nation is no doubt. Thousands of Muhammadiyah Charitable Enterprises (AUM) have spread from the east to the western tip of Indonesia. For this reason, this year, Muhammdiyah took the theme “Educating the Life of the Nation.” Chairman of the Central Executive Board (PP) Muhammadiyah Dr. H. Haedar Nashir, M.SI, emphasized that Muhammadiyah will always take part in the progress of education to educate the nation’s life.

“Muhammadiyah through Kyai Ahmad Dahlan and Nyai Dahlan as well as the first generation 107 years ago have etched a history of homeland and nationality, one of them by educating the life of the nation. Teaching the life for Muhammadiyah and the early generations of this movement has a foundation on Islamic values and the Iqra ‘tradition which became the first revelation from Allah SWT to the Prophet Muhammad, “

Time passed, and Muhammadiyah continued to take part in the progress of the people, nation, and universe. Efforts to educate never stop, thousands of schools, 20 thousand Aisyiyah Bustanul Athfal Kindergarten (TK ABA), 166 Muhammadiyah Universities (PTM), and all Muhammadiyah Charitable Enterprises (AUM) became part of the movement to educate the nation’s life.

Sri Sultan mentioned that Kyai Ahmad Dahlan had been able to think far ahead so that what was done by Muhammadiyah was always acceptable at every age. He invites the cadres to reflect on the values that had been carried by Ahmad Dahlan to always carry out the high ideals of the founder of the Muhammadiyah. This message and benefits are not only the demands of the cadres of the society. But rather an obligation that must be completed by all nations.(gg)